Robbie Williams


Robert Peter Williams, better known as Robbie Williams, is a talented British singer, songwriter and actor who has been able to win the hearts of millions of fans around the world. His unique "velvet" voice timbre and unique style of performance brought him well-deserved recognition, and even Elton John himself called him "Frank Sinatra of the XXI century."

The work of Robbie Williams brought him great success and worldwide popularity. His albums have become real hits, and sales of his records exceed 75 million copies worldwide, and singles have sold over 18 million copies. The UK has been particularly fond of his work, and some 20.2 million of his discs have been sold there. During his career, Robbie has released 14 albums and compilations, released 10 successful singles in the UK and received many prestigious awards.

But the popularity of Robbie Williams is not limited to the UK. He is also considered the best-selling foreign artist in Latin America, where his music has won the hearts of a large audience. The success of his work brought him not only the love of fans, but also a significant fortune. As of 2016, his wealth was estimated at $200 million.

If you want to plunge into the world of unsurpassed music and inimitable energy, then don't miss the chance to attend a Robbie Williams concert. He knows how to win the hearts of the audience with his expressive performance and extraordinary stage presence.